Welcome to Sweet Deseret Dairy Farm

Home of Utah LaMancha Dairy Goats

Sweet Deseret farm is nestled in the foothills among the artesian wells and geothermal springs at the base of the beautiful Ben Lomond Peak.

We raise LaMancha dairy goats and have a couple of wonderful Great Pyrenees livestock guard dogs. We also enjoy a small orchard of various apple, peach, apricot, plum and pear trees; as well as a few grapes and a garden which provides us with a substantial portion of our food.

Although we do our best to insure the best LaMancha genetics available and work hard to implement the best possible management practices, and labor tirelessly to have the best tasting and healthiest milk, our true interest is not in producing milk or raising animals or gardens or fruit trees, although we do enjoy this; our primary objective is providing a type and quality of life that allows us to raise our children with opportunities to learn a love of God, family, hard work, responsibility and those things that will give them the confidence they need to succeed in life.

Thanks for your interest in our farm and dairy, we hope you will stop by for a glass of milk!
~ Daniel and Elizabeth Babcock Family

“Some of the kindest people you will ever meet in your life! They are so amazing and have started this farm to help those around them, and also help teach their kids the value of hard work.  I can not say enough good about what it is that they are doing! Their animals are so well cared for.  And they produce one of the purest products around!”  Jaime Allen

“Sweet Deseret is a fantastic goat dairy. The milk is delicious which is the result of how well this place is managed. We have also bought some goats from Daniel and his help and attention to detail is phenomenal. Sweet Deseret goat milk will change the way you think about goat milk.”  Jeremiah Johnson