Deposit Agreement


We have a select number of doe and buck kids born in the spring of 2020 that are available to purchase.  Contact Us for details.

Deposit Agreement for

Sweet Deseret Farm LaManchas

Reservations are made in the order deposits are received.

A $100.00 deposit is required on all orders, with the balance due upon notification of birth. If the balance is not received within 2 weeks of notification of birth, the kid will be offered to someone else. We do reserve the right to our choices of replacement animals, so, if possible, please select a first and second choice kid.  If both choices of kids are unavailable, you may select another kid or your deposit may be refunded.  NO refunds of deposits on canceled orders.

For animals ordered after birth we do not guarantee these prices.  We will take deposits on bucks out of first fresheners, but must make our final decision on that sale after the doe has freshened.  We will not sell any kid unless we feel it is of outstanding quality.  This does not mean that all kids sold will be grand champions, but should compete well. If any animal is found to be genetically unsound or infertile it will be replaced, contingent upon receiving a vet’s signed statement that the problem was of genetic origin.  All shipping costs and health certificates are the buyer’s responsibility.