Reference Sires

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  • Barnowl Anteros FS 92 EEE @ 07-03

    Barnowl Anteros FS 92 EEE @ 07-03

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  • SG Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak LA 92 EEE

    SG Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak LA 92 EEE

    Zoombak is a fantastic buck. His Sire is *B Little Orchard Pure Thrill who has been consistently #1 on the ADGA Sire Summary. His Dam is Lucky*Stars Tweedledee a remarkably correct doe, with wonderful milk components, great milk taste and capacity. We are so grateful to Judi and Don Hoy for this buck.

    September 18, 2013

    Zoombak appraised LA92 EEE Although we have not used him much over the last couple of years, this buck continues to impress. We will collect him this fall and use him on unrelated does.

    UPDATE:January 2010 We are very happy with the kids he has thrown. 4 for 4 does and all very correct, each appraising High Very Good. We cant wait to freshen them to see their udders.

    April 2011

    We are very pleased with the first freshening daughters of Zoombak. He consistently improves placement, height and width of escutcheon, and all of his daughters excel in area of attachment carrying their udders high and tight.

    Production is very impressive in each of his daughters with each of them milking over 8 pounds on their first test as first fresheners.

    Spring 2012

    Zoombak continues to impress appraising LA 90 EVE. His quality can also be seen in his daughters, see their appraisal scores.


    ADGA Genetics

    Dam: Not specified Sire: Little Orchard BR Pure Thrill Show Wins Spring 2010 Zoombak placed first in his class in the UDGA Spring Show and was third overall LaMancha buck. We were pleased with his placing, especially as such a young buck.

    Linear Appraisal

    2012 03-05 LA90 EVE (with E’s in shoulder assembly, feet, back and rump) 2014 05-08 LA92EEE

  • SG Fir Meadow Alp Caleb LA 05-02 92 EEE

    SG Fir Meadow Alp Caleb LA 05-02 92 EEE

    Sire: Lucky*Stars RY Alpha

    Dam: Fir Meadow Val Aiyana

    This buck brings together two of the strongest lines from Lucky*Stars and Fir Meadow.

    Alphas dam is Xhibit LA 92 EEEE, 2 x’s ADGA breed leader in milk production; his sire is KT Yreka (who only lived to 3 but produced some amazing daughters see Lucky*Stars Acclaim, Accolaide, Zaray and Zhimmer.

    Aiyanas dam is Fir Meadow Val Xochitl LA 92 EEEE her sire is Fir Meadow Soon Valliant LA 91VVV.

    Caleb is a very nice buckling, we are anxious to see how his daughters look.

    Lineal Appraisal

    DOB: 2/19/2015FS90 (EEVE) @ 03-04

  • Sweet Deserets BA Genesis FS90 EEE @ 03-03

    Sweet Deserets BA Genesis FS90 EEE @ 03-03

    Genesis is from perhaps our most correct doe and Anteros LA 92 EEE.

    Although Charlize never appraised she finished her permanent championship easily and went BIS 3 times including at the big show aka “State Fair”. For genetic and other ADGA information, click here.

    Dam: Lucky*Stars LB Charlize

    Sire: Barnowl Anteros LA 07-03 92 EEE 2017 LA 07-03 92 EEE Linear AppraisalFS90 EEE @03-03

    FS88 (VVE ) @ 02-02