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  • SGGC Lucky*Stars LD Frankie FS 92 EEE @ 04-06

    SGGC Lucky*Stars LD Frankie FS 92 EEE @ 04-06

    This is a very correct son of the Famous Lucky*Stars LOT Vivian LA 94 EEEE and Lucky*Stars Double Play


    With little surprise this year we showed Frankie he easily finished is permanent championship going Grand and Best Buck In Show in Montana. In addition we were pleased that Frankie was also named to the Elite Sire list.


    Frankie appraised 92 EEE


    This young buck is on track placing 1st twice and winning Grand Champion and Best Buck in Show in the Cache Valley Classic and then appraising LA 02-05 90 VEE.

  • SG Lucky*Stars TD Journey FS91 EEE @ 04-04

    SG Lucky*Stars TD Journey FS91 EEE @ 04-04

    When looking for a buck, some breeders look for genotype, others want phenotype. When you get the buck home and wait the 3 years it takes to prove him, you find that some bucks successfully pass the desired genotype or phenotype to their offspring. While others do not. Journey has both excellent genotype and phenotype and what is even more important, He passes this on to his daughters and sons! His dam SGGH Lucky*Stars LX Epic is a phenomenal doe "far and away one of Don Hoy's favorites". Epic is an ADGA "ELITE" doe, She Placed 3rd with 2nd udder as a yearling at nationals and just got better from there, she Appraised 92 EEEE and milked over 3000 pounds, hitting all of the benchmarks we look for. We think Journey is phenomenal, as you look through our does, and see his influence on our herd we think you will as well.
    Once again, Journey was selected Best Buck in Show this year.

    Journey was shown in 2 rings this year. In one ring he was Reserve to his herdmate Frankie and in the other he went Grand and Best Buck in Show! Any awkwardness this buck had as a yearling is gone. He is a special LaMancha!

    We love this buck and what he is doing for our herd. He has not thrown an incorrect daughter. They are so consistent and so correct we are having a very difficult time letting any of his milking daughters leave the herd.


    Wow Journey’s first kids are on the ground. They are all little cookie cutters. When you look at them from the top they are so wedge like in their shape. They have such wide flat rumps.


    We are so excited to continue with the fine genetics the Hoy’s offer us through their Lucky*Star LaManchas. Journey has beautiful feet and legs we cant wait to see his first daughters.

    Dam: SGCH Lucky Star’s LX Epic 4*M FS92 (EEEE) @ 04-05

    Sire: TEMPO CAI DANIEL FS91 (EEV) @ 05-04

    ADGA Genetics

    Linear Appraisal

    DOB: 4/12/2017 FS90 EEE @ 02-03 FS87 (VVV ) @ 01-02