SG Lucky*Stars TD Journey FS90 EEE @ 02-03



Jouney was shown in 2 rings this year.  In one ring he was Reserve to his herdmate Frankie and in the other he went Grand and Best Buck in Show! Any awkwardness this buck had as a yearling is gone.  He is a special LaMancha!

We love this buck and what he is doing for our herd.  He has not thrown an incorrect daughter.  They are so consistent and so correct we are having a very difficult time letting any of his milking daughters leave the herd.



Wow Journey’s first kids are on the ground.  They are all little cookie cutters.  When you look at them from the top they are so wedge like in their shape.  They have such wide flat rumps.


We are so excited to continue with the fine genetics the Hoy’s offer us through their Lucky*Star LaManchas.  Journey has beautiful feet and legs we cant wait to see his first daughters.

Dam:   SGCH Lucky Star’s LX Epic 4*M
FS92 (EEEE) @ 04-05

FS91 (EEV) @ 05-04 

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Linear Appraisal

DOB: 4/12/2017
FS90 EEE @ 02-03
FS87 (VVV ) @ 01-02