Sweet Deserets Astoria


Born 3-12-2010 Astoria is a single chamoise doe kid, with no competition she never lacked in the nutrition and growth department and still does not!

She is a large and correct doeling. We are anxious to watch her grow and see her freshen. Her dam placed first in her class and is a beautiful doe who averages close to 10 pounds per day as a first freshener.

Fall 2010

Astoria was bred to Zoombak for April 1, 2011 kids.

Astoria freshened with two beautiful doelings (Bejewelled and Bedazzled).

Astoria has a gorgeous udder, we are so pleased with the fullness for a first freshener, it is very nice with 1/3 in front and 1/3 behind the rear leg. She has very nice teat placement and an improved medial over her dam. And her fore udder is also extremely nice.

There was some sadness as we decided to allow Terry P. from Starlight Farms to purchase this fine doeling. He sure got a good one. Thanks, Terry!!!



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Dam: Lucky*Stars LOT Zheng LA 08-03 91 VEEELA 08-03 91 VEEELA 05-06 89 VEVELA 03-03 89 VVVE (Es in back, rump and mammary)
Sire: Hurricane Pm TJ Zablom

Linear Appraisal

Milk Test Number:

Astoria will be bred to Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak in the fall of 2010 for spring 2011 kids.

Linear Appraisal:

Young Stock Appraisal V V Ec V Very Good Overall