Sweet Deserets LSZ Blaize


Born 3-31-2011

SS: Little Orchard Pure Thrill (#1 ADGA Sire Summary)
Sire: Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak
SD: Lucky*Stars Tweedledee

DS: Tempo Notta Ross
Dam: Lucky*Stars TR Valkerie
DD: Lucky*Stars F Krystal (2006 Reserve National Champion)

Blaize is a repeat of the Atlantia and Aaivillia breeding from 2010. We really love this breeding and Blaize looks really nice. This line has amazing feet and temperament and fantastic milk production with very correct mammaries.

We kept her littermate brother LSZ Beowulf and are excited to be able to use him this fall.

Spring 2012

Blaize freshened with a single beautiful large buckling, she is milking quite well in spite of this, milking 8.5 her first test.

We were so pleased with her lineal appraisal score of 88 VVVV.



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Dam: Lucky*Stars TR Valkerie 3*MValkerie comes from one of my favorite possible breedings Lucky*Stars Krystal and Tempo Notta Ross who was sired by Quixote Kates Kareem.
Sire: Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak LA 92 EEE05-08 LA92EEE

Linear Appraisal 

Show Wins:

2011 Utah State Fair

Blaize took first in her class and Jr Reserve Champion (Behind her half sister LSZ Beauty).

2012 Utah State Fair

Blaize placed very well in a competitive class. Placing first in one ring and second behind herdmate TA Brash in two other rings.

Linear Appraisal:

LA 01-03 88 VVVV (with E’s in Head, Back and Rump)