Sweet Deserets HZ Blue Moon


Born 3-27-2011

Blue Moon is another very pretty black and dark tan doeling with some roaning on the face and neck. Last year we only got one doeling from TJ Zablom (see Astoria in reference does) she is so correct and has such a nice mammary that we are excited to freshen another Zablom daughter.



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Dam: Sweet Deserets Alexandria LA 07-04 92EEEELA 07-04 92EEEE 
Sire: Hurricane Pm TJ Zablom

Linear Appraisal

Milk Test Numbers: 

Blue Moon will be bred to LSZ Bolt in the fall of 2011 for spring 2012 kids.

Linear Appraisal:

LA 01-03 84 +++V She did not look her best. We feel this doe has a lot of potentials as this is a slow-developing line. Time will tell.