Sweet Deserets FMC Dreamstone LA 03-02 90 EEEV


When we made the tough decision to sell Crystal, Joshua put his foot down demanding that we keep her blue doeling.  Dreamsone was a June baby and a little scrawny . . . but that color was Joshua’s favorite, so of course, we kept her.  we are glad we did.

Dreamstone is long and very dairy with a capacious mammary, amazing udder texture, and lots of milk production.  She stands on excellent feet and legs.


Dreamstone freshened with quads (2 does 2 bucks) and a lot of milk.  She is so easy to milk with correct teats and amazing udder texture.  We took Dreamstone to State Fair and she did not appreciate the small pens and change to her routine.  This beautiful doe refused to eat and drink and as a result, did not show well


Dreamstone freshened once again with quads (2 does and 2 bucks) once again has a ton of milk and is growing into her long and tall frame.  She looked so good we decided to take her to State Fair  . . .  and ended up with the same results.


Dreamstone freshened with twin bucklings and once again had a lot of milk we were so pleased when she appraised LA90 03-02 EEEV.  Her appraisal score once again convinced us to take her to State Fair  . . . where she performed the same as the two previous years.  Elizabeth says some does are nice enough to stay at the farm, and just make milk.  I guess we can’t complain. . . too  much





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Dam: Sweet Deserets JB CrystalSweet Deserets JB Crystal
DOB 5/03/2012DAM: Sweet Deserets HZ Blue Moon
DAMS DAM: Sweet Deserets LSZ Alexandria

SIRE: J&R LaManchas KV Bullet
SIRES SIRE : Kastdemurs Landslide

Sire: Fir Meadow Alp Caleb LA 05-02 92 EEELA 05-02 92 EEE