Sweet Deserets BA Geneveive FS89 (VVVE) @ 02-02


Daughter of GCH Lucky*Stars LB Charlize and Barnowl Anteros.  This is a doe that has beautiful type but has been the product of single kid pregnancies.  We plan on holding on to her for another year 🙂  hoping she will be worth the wait.


Geneveive milked herself our prior to appraisals.  We should have managed that a little better as a result, we feel she did not score as well as she could have with milk.

LA 89 EEEV 03-0


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Dam: Lucky*Stars LB Charlize
Sire: Barnowl Anteros LA 07-03 92 EEE 2017 LA 07-03 92 EEE