Sweet Deserets BA Haywire FS90 VEEE


This flashy doe had to be kept for Abigail. Althoug she is nice, she did not really stand out to me in the kid pen or as a first freshener (there is alot of competition in this age group (Herra, Hippolyte, Ginny W, Hermoine, Greenstone, Horchata, Garrish, Gemstone, Heckofa all of whom appraise 90 0r above) I placed her for sale and no one was interested so we held on to her.  Perhaps in spite of her flashy color she will stick around . . . heck itis tough to sell does that appraise 90 and above.


It is easy to get lost in an age group that boasts 10 does that appraise 90 or above, as a result Haywire has not been shown. However she did appraise LA90 VEEE @ 03-06

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