Lucky*Stars TR Valkerie 3*M


Valkerie has been a favorite from the moment I saw her. I absolutely love her pedigree, it just does not get any better than Lucky*Stars Krystal and Tempo Notta Ross. When Judi Hoy offered her to us, we were ecstatic (Thanks Judi and Don). When we first brought her home from Washington, I would often go out to the barn to see her with her head out of the stall and my 3 year old Jacob with his arms around her neck hugging her. She has been appropriately nick named \”Princess\”. And oh does she ever act like one!


Continually the \”princess\” Valkerie will not get off the milk stand until she is loved.

Unfortunately this year Valkerie struggled with some mastitis. We tried to keep on top of it and think we have it resolved, we will see with her next freshening.

Valkerie is bred to LOT Zoombak for an April 2nd 2011 kidding. This is a repeat of the 2009 breeding that produced Aaivillia and JR GRCH Atlantia.

UPDATE 3-31-11

When we purchased Valkerie Don and Judi suggested that she came from a line of slow maturing goats. Her sister, Lucky*Stars QM Paradigm (see her at ) was not shown until age 6, then placed 6th at Nationals and finished GCH in one year.
Valkerie\’s udder has improved once again this year. It has filled out in the rear increased in depth and she still has an AMAZING fore udder and great overall attachment. We can wait to see her fill it in the coming weeks. She was a little thin after freshening with 3 large kids but she is quickly coming back into condition.

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Linear Appraisal

LA 5-07 88 V+ V V E (August 2010)

Valkerie was a little off the two weeks leading up to appraisal. We are still trying to figure out the mastitis that has plagued her all year. She was noticeably uncomfortable and her udder was not full.