Sweet Deserets Atlantia


Atlantia has been a family favorite since the day she was born. She is very long and tall. Atlantia weaned herself early and we worried a little that she would not compete well with the other kids still taking milk. Were we ever pleased when she placed Junior Grand Champion in her first show.Fall 2010

Atlantia was bred to Rocky Rill HZ Acton for March 24, 2011 kids.

March 22, 2011

Atlantia freshened with a beautiful large single black and tan doeling. Like her dam, Atlantia has an amazingly smooth fore udder, she has improved teat placement and great teat size for a first freshener.


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Dam: Lucky*Stars TR Valkerie 3*M Valkerie comes from one of my favorite possible breedings Lucky*Stars Krystal and Tempo Notta Ross who was sired by Quixote Kates Kareem.
Sire: Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak LA 92 EEE 05-08 LA92EEE

Show Wins

Junior Grand Champion UDGA 2010 Spring Show

Like Test Numbers

To be freshened for the first time in 2011.

Linear Appraisal

Young Stock Appraisal V+ V V V- (August 2010)Atlantia has perhaps the best general appearance of any of our 2010 doelings.