Sweet Deserets LSC Ember LA 04-04 90 EEEV


Ember is a twin out of one of my personal favorite breedings.  She is particularly special because her dam died shortly after kidding, Blaize was a family favorite from our “princess” line.  The temperment of this doe is remarkable.  She has the sweetest disposition and is so mellow and easy to handle.  With amazing udder texture excellent teat placement and great orifice size she is a dream to milk by hand.  Easily our fastest milker.


Very pleased this beautiful doe showed better at appraisal this year scoring LA90 EEEV


It is very difficult to be patient when other does in the herd are showing and appraising better.  I think we will continue to be patient with this doe.  I like the measurable potential we see in this doe.  We were frankly dissapointed with her appraisal score.  I assume responsibility as I did not have her ready for appraisal.


Ember freshened early with a doe and a buck.  She did not come into quite as much milk as she had the year before.  She had been milking for 6 months at appraisal in August and appraised a respectable LA 87 02-03 VVEV she placed toward the top of her class each time showed being beat out by her sister Emblaizen (who placed 1st and Reserve Grand at State Fair).  I love this doe, it may take a couple more years for her to reach her potential.


Ember freshened with two beautiful buck kids and a gorgous udder.  HIgh and wide with nice extension in the fore and beautiful attachment.  Ember is long and tall as we had hoped for with this breeding.


We were so excited for this breeding.  It was a repeat of the breeding from the year before that produced a set of quads including  the beautiful LC Diana owned by the Massey family (LA 90 (VEEE) @ 03-06).  After selling all of the 2013 kids from this breeding we committed to keeping a doe we were rewarded with two (See Embers sister Emblaizen)


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Dam: Sweet Deserets LSZ Blaize
Sire: Lucky*Stars RA Cyrus LA 02-06 89 VVV DOB: 3/13/2012FS89 (VVV ) @ 02-06