SG Sweet Deserets LSC Fa Mulan FS91 EEEE @ 02-04


I can not get a good picture of this doe.  She has not been shown though she is sweet as can be arount the pen with other goats and our children.  She is soo mellow on the milk stand and milks easily.


Fa Mulan appraised 91 EEEE @ 04-02


She kidded on the day of appraisals 2018 and therefore was not appraised


As a two year old frist freshener Fa Mulan appraised FS89 (VEEE) @ 02-00


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Dam: Sweet Deserets HZ Cho Chang LA 04-06 91 EEEE Sweet Deseret\’s HZ Cho Chang
DOB 2-29-2012FS91 (EEEE) @ 04-06DAMS SIRE: Little Orchard Pure Thrill (#1 on sire summary)
DAM: Lucky Stars LOT Zheng
DAMS DAM: Lucky Stars AV Xiang (LA91 EEEE Top 10 for 4 years)

SIRE: Hurricane PM TJ Zablom

Sire: Lucky*Stars RA Cyrus LA 02-06 89 VVV DOB: 3/13/2012FS89 (VVV ) @ 02-06