SG Fir Meadow Alp Caleb LA 05-02 92 EEE


Sire: Lucky*Stars RY Alpha

Dam: Fir Meadow Val Aiyana

This buck brings together two of the strongest lines from Lucky*Stars and Fir Meadow.

Alphas dam is Xhibit LA 92 EEEE, 2 x’s ADGA breed leader in milk production; his sire is KT Yreka (who only lived to 3 but produced some amazing daughters see Lucky*Stars Acclaim, Accolaide, Zaray and Zhimmer.

Aiyanas dam is Fir Meadow Val Xochitl LA 92 EEEE her sire is Fir Meadow Soon Valliant LA 91VVV.

Caleb is a very nice buckling, we are anxious to see how his daughters look .

Lineal Appraisal

DOB: 2/19/2015FS90 (EEVE) @ 03-04