SG Sweet Deserets LSC Flip-Flop FS91 EEEE @ 04-01


This is a beautiful doe with a gorgeous mammary system.  Cant wait to see what the future holds for this doe.


As a three year old second freshener, Flip-Flop went Grand in the Cache Valley Classic this June.  She exudes dairyness and has a remarkable udder!

Flip-Flop Appraised LA 91 EEEE 04-01


two year old first freshener FS89 (EVVE) @ 02-11


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Dam: Meyers MG April 04-06 LA91 EEEEBorn March 25, 2010, April is a pretty white and light chocolate doeling. She has amazing body capacity, a long and powerful doe with one of the widest highest rear udders you will ever see!
Sire: Lucky*Stars RA Cyrus LA 02-06 89 VVV DOB: 3/13/2012FS89 (VVV ) @ 02-06

Linear Appraisal

FS89 (EVVE) @ 02-11