Sweet Deserets BA Ginny W FS91 EEEE @ 03-02


We loved the Anteros to Cho Chang cross that resulted in Emia Shan so much that we repeated it.  The result was Ginny W (the W is for Weasley thank you Abigail our Harry Potter fan)


We were very pleased Ginny appraised LA 91 EEEE @ 03-02


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Dam: Sweet Deserets HZ Cho Chang LA 04-06 91 EEEE Sweet Deseret\’s HZ Cho Chang
DOB 2-29-2012FS91 (EEEE) @ 04-06DAMS SIRE: Little Orchard Pure Thrill (#1 on sire summary)
DAM: Lucky Stars LOT Zheng
DAMS DAM: Lucky Stars AV Xiang (LA91 EEEE Top 10 for 4 years)SIRE: Hurricane PM TJ Zablom
Sire: Barnowl Anteros LA 07-03 92 EEE 2017 LA 07-03 92 EEE

Linear Appraisal

FS90 (VEVE) @ 02-01FS89 (VEVE) @ 01-01