SG Lucky*Stars RA Cricket LA 05-03 91 EEVE

June 2017
Cricket Appraised LA91 EEVE and I feel the best is yet to come.  Her doeling J’s Scathach won Grand as an intermediate doe this spring.  I hate to say I told you so  but . . .

September 2016
This line is so slow to mature, some might not have the patience required to bring out the best in this line but remember Judi Hoy did not show Paradigm until she was 5. We started a year earlier with Cricket and although she did not bring home any rossetts she placed well in all of her classes. Cricket is a fantastic milker with long level lactations filled with lots of milk. Long after most goats have dried down to once per day milking cricket still must be milked morning and night.

We are content for now this years appraisal score of LA 04-05 89 EEVE, I just have a feeling that this doe will get to at least LA 90 . . . only time will tell

Spring 2013
Cricket Freshened with a beautiful udder, has an amazing top line, great feet and beautiful wide, long and flat rump.

September 2012
Cricket was selected a jr GCH at the 2012 Utah State fair.

My first heartthrob in dairy goats was Lucky*Stars QM Paradigm, she is the most remarkable dairy goat I have ever known. At 13 years old this doe has milked over 34,210#s and she stands on excellent feet and legs and still milks a ton with a remarkably well attached udder, she appraised LA92EEE at age 9.

I have long wanted a doe from Paradigm, but frankly Judi just would not let any go. In the fall of 2011 and spring of 2012 Judi agreed to allow us to bring home RA Cricket, a Paradigm granddaughter. Of course we were excited at the prospect of bringing this caliber of doe home, and anxious, hoping she would turn out as well as we might hope.

Show Wins

jr GCH Utah State Fair

Linear Appraisal

Young Stock Appraisal VVV (very good overall) 2013
No Appraisals in Utah