Sweet Deserets Alexandria LA 07-04 92EEEE


2012Alexandria Appraised LA90 EVEE

Alexandria freshened with a doeling (Blue Moon) and a buckling (Bard). She has a nice udder that is high and tight with good teat placement (improved over her dams) a wonderful fore udder (improved over her dams) and an excellent medial. With successive lactations we hope to see more fullness to the rear udder. Alexandria is so structurally correct, we are excited to see this doe mature.


Spring Alexandria freshened with two doelings and one buckling.


Alexandria struggled with aspirated pneumonia after birth, we worried for a week or so about her. Worry no more now she is one of our healthiest doelings.

We think she is possibly the most correct doeling born this year. We will know better after appraisal. She is very wide, has an amazingly flat rump like her dam and grand dam. We are excited to see her develop!


We did not make it to the State Fair this year.

Alexandria was bred to HURICANE-PM TJ ZABLOM for March 26, 2011 kids

Born 2-15-2010 Alexandria is a gorgeous blue roan kid. One of the most correct does born this year. She is very wide, has an amazingly flat rump even improved over her dam and grand dam. We are excited to see her develop!


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Dam: Lucky*Stars AV Blue Yield Gorgeous Blue Roan Doe
LA 2-07 88 V E E V (Aug 2010)
Sire: Lucky*Stars LOT Zoombak LA 92 EEE 05-08 LA92EEE

Show Wins


Alexandria did well in all four rings. The only does that placed above her in her class were Asia, April and Astoria all Sweet Deseret LaManchas.

The more I look at this doe the more impressed I am with her structural correctness. She really is remarkable! She stands on very correct feet and legs her front end assembly is solid. She has the best topline in the herd with the flattest rump in the herd. We are anxious to see how her udder improves as a second freshener.

Milk Test Numbers

June 2012
Alexandria consistently milks 8 pounds per day.

Alexandria has the ideal milk stand temperament! She never so much as lifts her foot on the milk stand, she lets down extremely well, has ideal teat size and placement and milks down to a glove faster than any goat in the herd.

Lineal Appraisal

Young Stock Appraisal V- V Ec V Very Good overall (August 2010)

LA 2-02 EEVE LA90