Sweet Deserets BA Horchata FS90 EEEE @ 03-02

DesriptionHorchata is a quiet and unassuming doe, appraising 89 as a first freshener and 90 as a second freshener, we think this doe has a lot of potential.  She easily earned her dry leg at state fair as a jr doe, and went Grand as a second freshener in 2019.

July 2020

Horchata milked 18.4 pounds on milk test.


As a second freshener, Horchata appraised 90 EEEE.  This doe has a productive and beautiful mammary.

As a second freshener Horchata was selected Grand in a competitive show at State Fair.


First Freshening 2 year old FS89 (VVVE) @ 02-01

Horchata has the nicest head in the herd, she is a beautiful and correct doe!  She has not been shown as a milker as our G and H does are pretty competitive. She earned her dry leg at State Fair going grand in a huge class of kids


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Dam: Not specified
Sire: Barnowl Anteros LA 07-03 92 EEE 2017 LA 07-03 92 EEE