Sweet Deserets Emia Shan LA 05-04 91 EEEE


DOB: 3/19/2014           LA91 (EEEE) @ 02-05

Abigail is in love with her Zheng line, and rightfully so!  Zheng, Cho Chang and Dynasty are all gorgous does.  It has always been Joshua however who wants the blue does, however with the birth of Emia Shan, Abigail began a line of blues.

We bred Cho Chang to Anteros with the hope that he would add some size and length.  When Emia Shan was born we were so pleased, as soon as she got on her feet it was apparant this Cho Chang colored doe had the length and height we were looking for.


Emai Shan appraised LA 91 EEEE


Emia Shan took reserve grand at three shows and earned another leg toward her permanent championship.  One more to go.


Our beautiful Emia Shan had a difficult pregnancy and did not recover in time to look her best at an early June appraisal.


Emia Shan freshened with twins!  As she came into full production it was readily apparant that this is going to be a special doe!  We were so happy when she appraised LA 90 VEEE as a two year old second freshener and ecstatic once again when she went Grand Champion in a ring at state fair.  Abigail says just wait for this doe to mature a little!


Emia Shan was bred to Caleb we were excited to see how Anteros affected the excellent mammary system of Cho Chang.  It was unfortunate that Emia Shan aborted weeks early and although we milked her, she never fully came into milk.


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Dam: Sweet Deserets HZ Cho Chang LA 04-06 91 EEEE Sweet Deseret\’s HZ Cho Chang
DOB 2-29-2012FS91 (EEEE) @ 04-06DAMS SIRE: Little Orchard Pure Thrill (#1 on sire summary)
DAM: Lucky Stars LOT Zheng
DAMS DAM: Lucky Stars AV Xiang (LA91 EEEE Top 10 for 4 years)

SIRE: Hurricane PM TJ Zablom

Sire: Barnowl Anteros LA 07-03 92 EEE 2017 LA 07-03 92 EEE

Show Wins

2015Emia aborted and was not shown2016

State Fair Jr Show – First in her calss

State Fair Open Show – Second in her class behind herdmate Emblaizen who went Reserve

UDGA Ring 1 –  First in her class – Grand Champion

UDGA Ring 2 – First in her class

Linear Appraisal

LA90 (VEEE) @ 02-05  – 2016