SG Sweet Deserets LCen Frenzy FS92 EEEE @ 05-05


DOB: 2/25/2015          FS 92 EEEE 05-05


Frenzy appraised 92 EEEE


Though still not looking her best and plagued with persistent staph dermatitis, Frenzy appraised FS90 (VEEE) @ 03-04  thanks in part to her beautiful mammary system.  She was not shown due to her staph.  We hope to get her cleaned up and finish her permanant grand by winning her last leg next year.


After placing first in almost every ring in 2016, Frenzy was beat out by herdmate Flirtatious in the first 3 rings of 2017.  After Flirtatious finished, Frenzy went Grand in the next ring at the Cache Valley classic.  Frenzy also earned a Best of Breed Udder at the competitive ISDA Syringa Show in Boise.


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Dam: Lucky*Stars LB Charlize
Sire: Not specified