Sweet Deseret Semen for Sale

Thank you for your interest! Listed below are the bucks we have collected and are available. Please contact us directly for information on the number of available straws. We will provide free shipping to any shows or events we attend, otherwise buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and costs.

Lucky*Stars LOT ZoombakFS92 EEE5/$100Son of Thrill #1 on sire summary
SG Barnowl AnterosFS92 EEE5/$250Dam is Acythera "Fish"
CH Lucky*Stars RA Cyrus5/$200Dam is Zaray FS92EEE #1 milk production
Fir Meadow ALP CalebFS92 EEE5/$100
SGCH Lucky*Stars LD FrankieFS92 EEE5/$250Dam is Vivian FS94EEEE
Lucky*Stars TD JourneyFS90 EEEN/ADam is Epic FS92EEE
Goat San Brimstone5/$75